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Your driveway speaks volumes about your home. Keep it in top shape with UBA’s cleaning teams – the smart choice for a sparkling entrance. Here’s why you should choose UBA:

Driveway Pros: UBA’s crews are experts in driveway care. We know how to handle any surface, and we’ve got the experience to prove it!

Superior Gear: We use the best tools in the game. Our high-tech pressure washers, surface cleaners, surfactants, tackle tough stains, leaving your driveway looking brand new.

In short, a clean driveway isn’t just about looks; it’s an investment in your home. UBA’s crews go above and beyond to make sure your driveway not only looks fantastic but stands strong over time. Choose UBA for a driveway that turns heads and stays spotless!

Our advanced driveway cleaning techniques ensure a thorough cleanse, eliminating stubborn stains and enhancing your property’s overall aesthetic. Why choose UBA Driveway Cleaning? We deliver unparalleled expertise, preserving your driveway’s longevity, increasing property value, and ensuring a lasting impression. Trust in our professional team to bring out the best in your driveway cleaning, creating a spotless, welcoming entrance for your home or business. Choose UBA Pressure Washing and Sealer – where excellence meets curb appeal!

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Five options are available when it comes to DRIVEWAY CLEANING and protecting your surfaces. 
  1. Surface Clean – utilizes specialized equipment that removes what we can see at the surface level. However, water by itself, cannot kill the mold and fungus spores.
  2. Deep Cleaneliminates the real problem at its root form. Using customized surfactants ensures that we’ve killed mold and fungus spores at the root which leaves you with a cleaner surface that lasts longer.
  3. Sealant ProtectionBrings your dull colored driveway, pool deck, lanai, and wood surfaces back to life renewing their look!! Provides a barrier that repels and protects your surfaces (pavers, travertine, coral, cement) much longer from the damaging effects of mold and fungi from the inside out.
  4. UV Ray Compound – is utilized on any painted exterior surface – protects the exterior of your home, pool screens and cages as well as fences. Keeps mold and fungi from returning for a much longer period while protecting the surface from fading and corrosion from the harmful effects of UV rays.
  5. Soft Washing – High pressure can cause serious damage to your exterior, UBA utilizes a specialized soft washing process when cleaning sensitive exterior surfaces. This is accomplished by using a surfactant and high water volume at lower pressure – it allows us to clean the mold, dirt, and fungus without causing damage to paint or any protective solutions on your home’s exterior. Our process allows to clean as if we were using a soft bristled brush versus many other pressure washing companies using a damaging hard wire brush type cleaning. 
Rest assured – when cleaning the more vulnerable areas of your home such as your lanai, pool screens and soffits – Soft washing techniques and specialized equipment are employed to ensure no rips, damage, blowouts, or any water entering your attic area from vented soffit.

Driveway Cleaning

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