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Renew Your Homes Surfaces With UBA's Sealant Services Today.

Sealant Services offered by UBA will Preserve  your Roofing System, Concrete, Travertine, Coral, Wood, & Pavers. If you’re looking to refresh your surfaces and protect them from future damage, professional sealing services from UBA are the way to go. As your trusted Sealant Service Company in Sarasota, FL, UBA is committed to extending the life of your homes surfaces and protecting them from chemicals, water, and weather.

Pavers, Concrete, Travertine, Coral, wood & all roofing systems are subject to degradation and damage caused by (fungus, mold, heat, humidity, and UV rays) inherent to South Florida’s seasonal climate.

UBA Sealers: Repel, Power Seal Supreme, Repel WB Wood, Hydrolock Metal, Shinglelock, Travertine Seal, are all produced locally in Bradenton, FL specifically designed to deal with the damaging elements of Florida’s heat and humidity and comes with a full 2-year guarantee for all ground sealers, and a 5 year guarantee for all roof sealers.

Unlike the standard 2-part sealers that sit on the surface where eventually heat and humidity cause them to burn off or lift from the surface, and in some cases, leaving an undesirable eggshell white look.

UBA Sealers: Repel & Power Seal Supreme, Repel WB Wood, Hydrolock Metal, Shinglelock, Travertine Seal, are water based, (one-part penetrators) designed to penetrate the pores of roof tiles, shingle, metal, wood & pavers offering protection from harmful UV rays and the corrosive effects of mold and fungus from within where the mold, algae & fungus develops, as well as at surface level adding longevity.

UV Ray Compound - Versatile for ALL Surfaces!

Additionally, UBA’s UV Ray Compound is a versatile protective solution designed to safeguard various surfaces. It offers effective protection for painted surfaces, metal, and screens against the harmful effects of UV rays. This compound not only shields surfaces but also extends vibrancy, enhancing their overall lifespan. Additionally, UBA’s UV Ray Compound acts as a preventive measure against fungus and mold, contributing to the long-term preservation of treated surfaces.

Rollers are not used to apply UBA’s high-grade sealants, they would cause the sealer to spread unevenly and wear out quicker in different areas. We use a Specialized spray system, to ensure an even coated surface. What typically takes two to three applications with an ordinary sealer can be done with one application of UBA’s high performance sealers.

This also translates to a quicker set time. You’ll be looking at 12 to 24 hours of staying off the surface, versus 48 to 72 hours with your typical sealer. UBA’s Sealer can also withstand water within 15 minutes of application, for those surprise Florida rain showers.

UBA Sealants resist and protect against algae & fungus, mold growth, oil stains, rust, UV rays, and “the dry out effect”, eliminating fracture cracking. Your surfaces will not only look renewed, they will last much longer and will be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Sealant Services

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Protect Your Surfaces Today!

Sealant Services offered by UBA will shield your driveway, patio, or pool deck from water damage, harmful UV Rays & Stains. We use top-of-the-line sealants that repel dirt and fungus, promoting enhanced longevity and beauty in your surfaces. Travertine, Concrete, Pavers, Tile & Shingle Roofing all can be protected. Learn more about how UBA can help protect the longevity of your surfaces today!

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Call UBA Today for all your paver, travertine, coral, concrete, tile & shingle roof sealing needs! Josh and the whole team here at UBA are ready to serve you.

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